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שם מלא:
The company was founded in 1991 by Shalom Hatuka and Proalim S.A., a subsidiary of Cetaco S.A., Geneva., an international company dealing in global trading in physical commodities. The relationship between Mr. Hatuka and the Swiss company was created by the great confidence built up between both sides over many years of joint work before its establishment, and identifying the potential in an emerging economy like Israel, and consequently its market as a credible market with potential to grow rapidly.

The cancellation of limitations on import duties on US wheat in the early 1990s contributed greatly to free competition and opened up new import markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and others as a source of a cheaper wheat at the same quality. Shintranco positioned itself correctly following these changes and growing rapidly, while striving to maintain close connections to the global and domestic markets. Competitive prices, immediate service and above all credibility in all conditions, were the core values of the company and support it until today in relations with both customers and suppliers.

Shintraco is a sound company with a well established reputation overseas in relations with suppliers and international companies abroad and in Israel, with first rate customers and the major banks.

Customers include the largest food enterprises in Israel, flour mills, animal feed mills, marketing chains and wholesalers.